About Our Company

About Our Company

Facades Solutions Company (FSC) is one of the best and the most diversified aluminum and glass processor in the Egypt Market in field of Intelligent Facades Solutions given to clients

About Us

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Facades Solutions processed different types of architectural aluminum and Glass available in the world and manufacture, from its automated, computer-controlled production lines Aluminum door and window systems curtain

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Our History

Facades Solutions Co. is merged companies Glass Tec Egypt which started heir business in 2005 and chose their new expandable location in El Salam City – Speco in Egypt,

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What We Do

Aluminum Cladding

Aluminum cladding is one of the most used types of cladding for building exteriors. Aluminum is a lightweight metal that is durable, corrosion-resistant, and 100% recyclable.

Aluminum Louvers

aluminum louvers can be found in basements to improve the air flow. They are nearly impenetrable by humans or larger animals due to the aluminum material so security will never be an issue.

Automatic Doors

An automatic door, also known as an auto door, is a door that opens automatically, usually on sensing the approach of a person.

Curtain Wall

curtain wall system is an outer covering of a building in which the outer walls are non-structural

Doors & windows

Aluminum doors and windows are giving a tough competition in the market to windows and doors made out of PVC and wood

Hand rail

Handrails projecting from a wall shall have a space of not less than 1-1/2” (38 mm) between the wall and the handrail

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if you have a project we will help you to find the best facades solutions.

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