What Are Aluminum Louvers?


Aluminum Louvers

Aluminum Louvers. … Aluminum louvers serve dual purposes as intake and exhaust ventilation. In homes, aluminum louvers can be found in basements to improve the air flow. They are nearly impenetrable by humans or larger animals due to the aluminum material so security will never be an issue.

Louvers have become recognized as a sustainable way to cut down heating and cooling costs and are an effective system for controlling the climate in a building and guiding fresh air in while ushering stale air out.  Contractors easily design louvers to fit into homes, commercial structures and industrial constructions and give customers several options to choose from when it comes to size, shape, building materials and finish. The material chosen to manufacture a louver should be considered just the same as the elements being used to build the rest of a structure’s framework. Besides its low cost, aluminum louvers have several advantages to think over that can benefit a building in numerous ways.


Aluminum is versatile enough to be shaped to match just about any customer’s requirements and liking to fit into the space designated for a louver without much difficulty. There are also several types of louvers that can be fabricated from aluminum depending on the kind of ventilation system needed.


Despite a substantial difference in weight compared to copper or steel, aluminum is one of the sturdiest materials that can be used, so its lightweight property combined with its durability gives it a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Environmentally Friendly

Aluminum is one of the most environmentally friendly materials that can be used in construction. Since it is 100 percent recyclable, aluminum is often reprocessed and reused many times without ever losing its physical properties. This also impacts the environment greatly in a positive way since there is no need for it to ever be dumped into a landfill. Creating a louver from aluminum only adds to the sustainability that this type of ventilation system already exhibits through its energy efficiency.


Little maintenance will need to be used on aluminum louvers. Aluminum does not rust and is resistant to corrosion, thus allowing designs made of the material to have a long life and keep its presentation without being impaired by weather and other elements. Louvers made of aluminum don’t have to be built just for functional purposes. They are highly accepting of coatings and can be transformed into an aesthetically pleasing add-on that becomes integrated into the building’s appearance when the right finish and color are chosen.

With the increasing awareness of the need to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle has come the subsequent demand for more sustainable building materials in construction. Aluminum louvers perfectly fit into this requirement and offer many more benefits for a high-functioning ventilation system.